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Affordable CEUs is the only online program where each course is personally and thoughtfully written by a seasoned psychotherapist and former lawyer and judge who are in the trenches; bringing you a unique, personal, and sometimes humorous perspective that you just can’t find with other Big Box CEU programs. There’s a reason why Matt and Susan have helped over 20,000 therapists to get or maintain their license, and why their students return again and again.

The McMillan Story

Matt and Susan met when she was a victim of domestic violence and he was a young prosecutor in the State Attorney’s Office. Susan went on to develop the first certified batterers intervention program in Florida, become a jury trial consultant and develop other areas of expertise including addictions and medical errors. Matt went on to practice criminal defense, serve as county judge, earn his criminal justice addiction certification, open his own batterers intervention program, and develop expertise in HIV/AIDs, addictions, domestic violence and Administrative Law. Both have become continuing education providers with the Florida Department of Health and have presented both state-wide and nationally. Amongst the organizations to which they have presented are the Coalition of Batterers Intervention Programs of Florida, the Florida Association of Community Corrections, the National Association for Forensic Social Workers, the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, the Florida Association of DUI Programs, the US Federal Probation Department, and US Journal.

Susan Weston McMillan, LMHC, CAP
Susan graduated with High Honors/Phi Beta Kappa from the University of FL and attained her Masters in Counseling Psychology with a 4.0 GPA. She is a licensed mental health counselor, a certified addictions professional, and jury trial consultant in domestic violence cases, where she served on the Faculty of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association for over a decade. She developed the first certified batterers intervention program in the State of Florida, and her batterers program has been utilized by the Department of Corrections as a model program for training program inspectors. Her tireless domestic violence advocacy led her to become a finalist for the Governor’s Peace at Home Award in 1997, where she received recognition from Governor Lawton Chiles for her work.

She currently is the director of Affordable Counseling and the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, where she oversees seven offices in the Tampa Bay area, providing outpatient substance abuse counseling, batterers intervention, court-ordered examinations and couples therapy.

Together with her husband Matt, Susan developed the first Board Approved Laws and Rules course in the state of Florida and has served as a Continuing Education Provider with the Fl Dept of Healthy for over 25 years, helping thousands of therapists complete their mandatory licensure coursework. Matt and Susan regularly train mental health professionals, probation officers, judges, nurses, and attorneys on a variety of topics, and have presented to multiple organizations, state-wide and national conferences, as well as television and radio programs.

Matt McMillan, J.D., CCJAS
Matt McMillan is a former police officer, former prosecutor, former county judge, and is currently a Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Specialist and a Certified Batterers Intervention Assessor and Facilitator. He worked as a facilitator with Susan when she began the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (the first certified batterers intervention program in the state of Florida), and at Men’s Work, where he practiced as an assessor and group facilitator for men who batter. He also worked as a substance abuse counselor of a DCF licensed substance abuse intervention and treatment facility.

He has served on the Board of Directors and holds membership in a number of organizations aiding women, children, and victims of crime including the Women’s Resource Center, the Family Partnership Center, the Manatee Victim Rights Council, the Coalition of Batterers Intervention Programs of Florida and the Family Violence Council. He was the founder of the first Court Watch program in Manatee County, and was instrumental in writing and passing legislation to better protect victims of domestic violence.

While serving as county judge, Matt instituted a number of new programs designed to hold perpetrators of domestic violence and substance abusers accountable for their actions, while ensuring their completion of much needed treatment programs. These included a Restitution and Compliance Court, HIV education for prostitutes and johns, mandatory abstinence and random urinalysis for drug and alcohol offenders, and credit toward community service for blood donations. His work received wide-spread praise from victim advocates, crime prevention groups, court watchers, prosecutors and defense attorneys alike.

Matt McMillan serves as an instructor and author at Florida Continuing Education, which is a Board-Approved continuing education provider through the Florida Department of Health in the area of Laws and Rules as they pertain to the practice of psychotherapy, including confidentiality standards, substance abuse services, abuse reporting and mental health services, as well as domestic violence, medical errors, ethics, HIV/AIDs and more. With his wife Susan, he regularly trains mental health professionals, probation officers, judges, nurses, and attorneys throughout the state in these matters.

Why We Called Ourselves McMillan and Wife

Susan here. I often get asked this question. I totally get why some people are puzzled or even put-off, but there is a funny story behind why we called ourselves "McMillan and Wife" for so many years.

Back in the 70's (when Matt and I were much younger), there was a very popular TV series called "McMillan and Wife" about a police commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan played by heart-throb Rock Hudson and his amateur detective wife Sally, played by the smart and sexy Susan St. James. The couple kept their marriage unpredictable while solving the city's most baffling crimes. They were considered a "superstar couple," and at the time, there was nothing demeaning toward women implied in the program title. In fact Sally was highly respected and considered by some to be the brains behind the operation. When we first began our CEU company, almost everyone was familiar with the TV show, and most people thought it was a great name for our business! Very catchy and (so they said)... right on target.

As we have gotten older and times have changed, the young people no longer remember the TV show, and it has become less acceptable to refer to the woman in a couple as the "wife," which of course I understand. I guess it doesn't bother me because I know I'm Matt's equal and so does he. In fact, some (maybe even Matt) might consider me the brains behind this operation.

Matt and I have gone back and forth many times about changing the name. But we have such a following with our brand over the 30 years that we have been reluctant to change it. Sometimes it's hard to break with tradition. But feedback from students of the 21st century has finally pushed us in that direction. Stay tuned for what's next with the changing McMillan story. (No pun intended).