“You guys are awesome! My socks were totally rocked off!.” – Bryanna Oswalt RMHCI, Brevard Co, FL

 “I find them to be extremely knowledgeable, easy to use, funny and wonderful to deal with.” – Lauryn Gilliam, LMFT, Broward Co, FL

“Previous experience demonstrated a great product!” – Tonya Quillen, LMHC, Hillsborough Co, FL

“I love how easy it was to take.” -Marla Starnes, LCSW, Seminole Co, FL

“Thank you so much for offering informative up to date courses and for being so reliable and easy to reach.”   -Suzanne Stokes, LMHC, Pinellas Co,. FL

“Enjoyable! Will always come back here to do my CEUs”. – Donna Haynes, LMFT, FL

“Had a wonderful experience in previous courses I have taken with them.” – Cesar Incera, LMHC, Miami-Dade, FL

“The accessibility of the course is what initially attracted me but after completing it, I will continue to choose this provider regardless. It was a great experience!” -Alexis Rossi, RMHCI, Palm Beach, FL

“Outstanding in Every Way!”

It was wonderful. Easy to go through step by step.” Laurel Slade, LMFT, Hillsborough Count, FL

“I really have enjoyed all of these courses today! I was not looking forward to taking part of my weekend to do mandatory courses to maintain Florida licensure…. but I have learned much and appreciate your making this not only painless….but educational and fun!” Marcia Lao, Licensed Professional Counselor, Highlands, FL

“These providers make learning fun!”   Peggy Thompson, LCSW, Lee County, FL

“”I believe the course was extremely informative with a tremendous amount of information. My favorite part was the way things were broken down so simplistic it was easy to learn and understand.” Nathalie Viau, Registered mental health counselor intern, Orange County, FL

The sense of humor is helpful! Adds a light touch to very serious subject matter.” – Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL

“This is one of the BEST courses I have ever taken in 28 years. Enjoyed the examples of specific questions to ask so as to not put mother or children at further risk, assessment and more USABLE tools…Thank you. I really gleaned so much from this course! – Marcia Lao, Licensed Professional Counselor, Highlands, FL

“I have actually done courses through other providers and continue to return to McMillan and Wife. The course content, particularly the new courses, are so well thought-out – smart and accessible. Registration is easy and the way they manage the follow up documentation is much better than any other provider I have tried.” Joe Bolduc, LMHC Broward County

“They have made even mandatory and more complicated subject matter worth it… I appreciate that the McMillan’s use real language in their CEU’s instead of jargon- to impress! Enjoyed it all… In my pajamas!” Marcia Lao, Licensed Professional Counselor, Highland

“I have taken other courses with other providers and find that the courses with McMillan and Wife are superior.  The personalization of the material was the best part- yet still keeping it incredibly professional and skill enriching. Just outstanding.”  ~Joe Bolduc, LMHC Broward County

“Great course, easy to read, interestingly written, concise, important things easily and clearly oragnized with clarity. I love your courses. You guys make great courses. I will be back!” ~Jeanne Carmichael, LMHC

“I appreciate the perspectives of an attorney and a therapist in creating the curriculum. Please continue to provide us with both perspectives as we learn about changes to the laws in our state.” ~Jeanne Willsie, LMHC, PhD

“I was pleasantly surprised by the readability and well-organized manner in which the material was presented. I will seek courses from this vendor again.” ~Kathleen Norman-Davis, LMHC, Broward County

“I’ve been in the business for 26 years but was able to learn something about domestic violence.” ~Kathleen Norman-Davis, LMHC, Broward County

“I love their passion for the material, their customers and their clients plus they are personable and funny making the time past quickly but not cutting corners in the educational component” ~Lauryn Salassi Gilliam, LMFT

“I actually felt that they created an “anxiety free” zone. I like their humor. And the “packaging” made the process really easy. I feel that the McMillan’s have the ability to take complex subjects and present them with clarity – and humor when appropriate. ”  ~Joe Bolduc, LMHC Broward County

”Touched my heart and taught in a most powerful way!” ~Connie Branham, LMHC, Seminole, FL

“Effectively presented dry material in a fun manner. Well done!” ~Bethany Hutto, LCSW, Sycamore, Illinois

“Dynamic presenters, very knowledgeable.” ~Dr. Kirstina Ortdex, PhD, Bradenton, FL

“It was wonderful! Easy and Stress-free!” ~Laurel Slade, LMHC, LMFT, Land O Lakes, FL’

“Your graphics are great. I love the HIV modeling. That Trauma course was not only one of the most relevant, well-done and impactful courses I have done with you – it is one of the most outstanding pieces I have ever done on trauma.” ~Joe Bolduc, LMHC Broward County

”Thank you for helping me pass the course with relative ease. I do appreciate your expertise and way you lay out your courses.” ~Catherine Sheppard, LMHC

“This is the best course provider that has the most effective and well-organized subject and course material. The authors have done an amazing job developing, implementing and demonstrating an excellent course.” ~Juan Lopez, LMHC, Miami, FL

“When I started this I didn’t think I could finish it in time. But with your support and encouragement I was able to keep going. I have been so exhausted since my accident, but feel stronger now. Thanks again for your help and support.” ~Miriam Stephan, LMHC Palm Beach County

“Informative material, organized and clearly laid out in an easy and accessible format.” ~Clare Lavener, LMHC, Duvall County

“I appreciate how helpful Susan was with addressing my personal limitations of blindness. Not all carriers are sensitive to such needs. I enjoyed the convenience of computer at home. The information was new to me, interesting, and I can use it in my practice.” ~Laura Hughes, LMHC Palm Beach, FL

” I have taken courses from McMillan and Wife before and they are always excellent…Keep offering these courses.”  Katherine Eike, LCSW, Collier Co, FL

“These providers make learning fun!”  Peggy Thompson, LCSW, Lee County, FL

“You always make your material engaging and interesting.” – Penijean Gracefire, LMHC, FL

“They took boring material and made it interesting. They also did a great job in emphasizing the gravity of medical errors, domestic violence, and common mistakes made by mental health professionals, including myself, who believe they are “doing good“.”  -Sam Kedeem, LMHC, Dade Co, FL

“They make the subjects interesting, enjoyable, and easy to understand.”  Maria Teresa Serra, LMFT, Maimi-Dade

Loved the personal touch!.  Fran Lenter, RMHCI, Palm Beach Co, FL

“I chose this course provider because it came highly recommended and it had the option to study from home instead of going on a road trip to attend a meeting for the materials”. – Amanda Cupp, RMFTI, Escambia,FL

“I appreciate the quick turn-around time of entering CEUs into CE Broker.”  Joanne Correia, LCSW, Broward Co, FL

“Send more e-mails about upcoming trainings.”  – Sam Kedem, LMHC, Dade Co. FL

“I have used these providers in the past. The material is well presented, in an easy and understandable format.”  –Clare Lavendar, LMHC, Duval Co, FL

“I have taken their courses before and love them. They keep me engaged, and I learn not only that is required, but in real-world scenarios from professionals who are out there every day.”  Beth G, LMHC, Pinellas Co, FL

“So easy to access…I liked that it was self-paced, easy and convenient.” – Marla Starnes, LCSW, Seminole Co, FL

“Easy Access…  Affordable!” -Maria Jacques, LMFT Dade Co, FL


Medical Errors

“Real world relevant examples to Psychotherapy which are usually non-existent in other medical errors courses.” – Tonya Quillen, LMHC, Hillsborough Co, FL

“This was actually a very enjoyable online training and much of this information I will continue to utilize. I truly didn’t expect to actively engage and learn from a class that I’ve had to take several times previously. Thank you!” –Heather Smith, LCSW, Palm Beach, FL

“I have taken both the online and in person CEU courses offered by the McMillans. They are passionate about educating professionals in our industry on protecting ourselves and to provide the best possible care to our clients. They are extremely knowledgeable, their courses and website are easy to access, their message can make a heavy subject lighthearted in an appropriate way allowing the information to be more readily absorbed. And their customer service is very hands on and so helpful.”   Lauryn Gilliam, LMFT Broward, FL

“Great combo of an attorney and an LMHC! Great idea to combine expertise and diverse backgrounds. Keep doing what you’re doing!” – Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL

“It was wonderful.  Easy to go through step by step.”  –Laurel Slade, LMFT, Hillsborough County, FL

Easy to use.  Clear direct information.  – Patty Hall, LMHC Orange County, FL

“I could read 20 MORE pages on Medical Errors. Excellent material.”  Sam Kedem, LMHC, Dade Co, FL

“It’s such an excellent, consolidated review.” Penijean Gracefire, LMHC, FL

“I liked the bundled effect. And I enjoyed the humor of the marketing.”  -Andrea Tang, LMHC

“It’s a very accurate course, has a lot of good information. Provides lots of sources of information which has been helpful for my work as a therapist. The best part of the course was the graphics. They are accurate and professional, and gave me a lot of information I did not have before.”  -Cannot use name. LCSW


3 Hour Laws and Rules

“Excellent Course.  I didn’t think I’d like a course in laws and rules, but I actually enjoyed it and learned a lot more than I thought I would.” -Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL

“Course content clear and well-organized!”  -Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL

“This was a very effective course and extremely TIMELY. Legal jargon is often difficult for lay people. This was presented with that in mind. As counselors, we MUST know these laws and the way with which this course is set up made this less tedious.” – Marcia Lao,  Licensed Professional Counselor, Highlands, FL

“I believe the course was extremely informative with a tremendous amount of information.  My favorite part was the way things were broken down so simplistic it was easy to learn and understand.”  – Nathalie Viau, Registered mental health counselor intern, Orange County, FL

“This course provides complete and valid information. It gives you the examples and offers you graphics and data that support all the evidence mentioned and listed.”  -Cannot use name, LCSW


 Ethics and Boundaries

“The sense of humor is helpful!  Adds a light touch to very serious subject matter.” – Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL

“I appreciate the effort to humanize practitioners who struggle with competency and the tone of compassion in the material.” Penijean Gracefire, LMHC, FL

“My favorite part was the videos and how they do and do NOT relate to real life situations.”  Maria Teresa Serra, LMFT, Maimi-Dade

“This course has great content. The videos and the topics on this course were really helpful and made this course a 10 out of 10.  It was . It was well-supported with really good and complete information in comparison with other courses.”  -Cannot use name LCSW

“I chose these presenters because they had a sense of fun about them, even in their marketing pitch. Ethics is a serious topic and this style of presentation was quite effective.” -LCSW,  CANNOT USE NAME


Medical Errors

“Great combo of an attorney and an LMHC! Great idea to combine expertise and diverse backgrounds. Keep doing what you’re doing!” – Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL

“It was wonderful.  Easy to go through step by step.”  Laurel Slade, LMFT, Hillsborough Count, FL

“I cannot think of anything that would have made this more effective.” – Marcia Lao, Licensed Professional Counselor, Highlands, FL

“I really don’t know what could have made it more effective. The course met a need in an interesting, informative and sometimes comical way.  I appreciated the inclusion of DV charts and some of the information on substance abuse that will be very useful for families dealing with abusers.”  – Marcia Lao,  Licensed Professional Counselor, Highlands, FL


Domestic Violence

“I love the combination of a legal back ground and a mental health background.  The entire section on Community Resources was especially helpful.  Great course material! Clear and easy to understand.”  – Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL

“This is one of the best courses of Domestic Violence I have ever taken. Excellent- One of the new things I learned was that anger management is not appropriate for batterers. I thought that was such an important thing to learn a long with the idea of ambient abuse. I also never thought of framing pornography as abusive and that was a very helpful thing to learn.”  – F.G., LMHC, Travis, TX

“Domestic Violence was excellent. I’ve attended many trainings on this subject, from State Prosecutors to Dr. Lenore Walker, and I still learned things in this training.”  -Sam Kedeem, LMHC, Dade Co, FL

“I have use this provider for others to emails and found them very reliable and helpful.  “I enjoy learning at my own pace and the incorporation of videos.” -Rebecca Thomas, LCSW

“Easy to navigate and work at my own pace.”  “Very easy to understand with the real life examples and pertinent information for my profession.” -Kristy Conley, RCSWI

“Easy registration, and content is effective.”  “ My favorite part was the help available to both victims and perpetrators.”  “Great way to present a dry subject.” -Paula Estrada, LCSW

“Easy to use, professional, courteous assistance.”Martina Zachariah, Lcensed Physical Therapist

“This course and the format in which it is good and is very useful for individuals working full-time.” –Agaitha Durr, RCSWI

“I chose them the McMillan’s because I attended a training with them in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it. So when I receive the flyer in the mail, I knew they were the ones I wanted to complete my required courses with. I actually book the trainings for the Suncoast mental health counselors Association, and if there are any topics the McMillan’s would be interested in presenting for that group I would be all ears!”  -Permission to use comments, but not name, RMHCI

“I chose this course for a few different reasons. The first price inconvenience. I am able to complete it at home and when I have available time throughout the week. I also chose this course because it was offered as a combo and consisted of information that I know I will use them practicing. It was well written and easy to follow”

“ I enjoyed that it wasn’t someone talking at you for two hours. This course has videos, visual aids, examples, and statistical information. It was well- rounded and designed to keep our attention.” -Melissa Turvey, RMHCI

“I chose this course because it was easy to navigate and look at my own pace. It was very easy to understand with the real life examples in pertinent information for my profession.” -Kristy Conley, RCSWI

“I enjoyed your marketing efforts and the way you bundled courses together. Great job. Course well done.” -Andrea Tang, LMHC

“The content of this course was extremely informative. It helped me a lot to complete my work and satisfied me 100% in comparison with other courses I have tried before. In comparison with other courses, this organization was better and was a big improvement. Also the sources listed were an excellent material of information for my work.”  -Cannot use name LCSW


Aggression Control

“I actually quite liked this course. I felt like so many of the principals could be applied to not only clients in “high risk” settings but clients in private practice. I loved the piece at the end when Susan talked about her own experiences in practice with these principals.” Joe Bolduc, LMHC Broward County

“I have taken courses over the years from this provider and have gained useful knowledge and information from them. I thought the course was concise, to the point, and informative. My favorite part where the examples given.” -Rick Elliot, CAP, DCF licensed



8 Hour Laws and Rules

“My favorite part was How it was explained in plain and understandable terms without all the ‘legalese.'” –Karen Siegel, RMHCI, Hillsborough Co, FL

“The language used in the course was highly digestible and easy to read. I also really liked the cartoons! It helped break up the sometimes heavy information.” -Alexis Rossi, RMHCI, Palm Beach, FL

“Honesty, I think this course was extremely effective and so easy to learn.” – Nathalie Vlau, Registered mental health counselor intern, Orange County, FL

“I could do it in my own time with a busy work schedule. I enjoyed the info and examples as well as the funny cartoons throughout.” Samantha Salver, RCSWI, Broward, FL

“I took this course I heard that it excellent, and they were easily accessible both by internet and telephone…thank you for being so accessible!”  -Fran Lenter, RMHCI, Palm Beach County, FL

“The phone conference was my favorite part. Before hand I was nervous about it, but I need not have been. Matt McMillan it was wonderful as he presented himself as a mentor who fosters understanding with a coaching mentality. To someone like me, who is easily intimidated, it was reassuring and confidence building. I learned some very helpful things and sure did appreciate it!” -Molly Baer, RMHCI

“They present the material of study in an easy to understand manner, using down to earth language and humor!! It is so well written that it is actually enjoyable to learn the laws and rules that I need to know.  “The cartoons gave levity to a very serious topic.”  -Deborah Johnson, RMHCI

“You offer such a unique and humorous perspective in your course, from the point of you of the therapist and the lawyer. I don’t know where else he would find that!”  “The specific recommendations on how to avoid legal entanglements as a clinician were hilarious and very true!”  -Nathalie Fleitas, RMHCI

“I chose this provider over others because they are the best at what they do!”  “The humor made it easier to slog through it – I also thought the test at the end was a good summary of the material I would be interested in any other courses they offer.”  -Cannot use name RMHCI

“The course is very effective in its current format.” -Agatha Durr, RCSWI

“I chose this course because it had good ratings and reviews” “ I like that it provided real life situations. I don’t believe they can make it any more effective.” -Evelyn Calvino, RMHCI

“This was information that I could study at my own pace from home. I also liked the presentation of the material which made reading interesting, and all of the examples that the authors game. I thought this was very effective.”

“ I enjoyed the examples of the material and the perspective coming from social work and a loss/judge/cop point of you. It really brought everything together for me. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed talking with Matt and all the support from Susan. Terrific team!” -Kelly Redmond, RCSWI

“The course was conveniently offered online, and the material was presented in a relatable manner. The offers made efforts to be accommodating. I particularly enjoyed the real life examples and recommendations.”   -Mariana Fernandez- Soto, RMHCI


Substance Abuse and Addictions

“I feel it is very organized with many tools that I can incorporate in my work. I feel it is effective.”Barbara Kelban, LCSW, Palm Beach, FL



“Very organized and informative. I think the course was quite relevant to issues with patients in my practice. In my opinion no change is necessary.” – Barbara Kelban, LCSW

“I have been working in the fields of psychiatry and substance abuse for more than 25 yrs. This course presented material I was not familiar with, often siting informative studies that I believe will be valuable in my practice. Thank You!”Elizabeth Rose, LMHC, Dade Co, FL



“As always your course exceeded my expectations. I am again reminded of the importance of staying current. Much of my information on HIV was acquired years ago. Thank you for presenting the material in such a concise, engaging and informative manner.” – Elizabeth Rose, LMHC

“I felt the presenter was talking to me not lecturing. Very personable and clear.” “Well organized and simple to understand despite the dryness of the subject matter.” -Paola Estrada, LCSW

“This course was extremely informative and important. I enjoyed that they included visual learning tools. This helped to keep the information interesting.” “ I would use this program for any additional CEUs I may need in the future.”  -Melissa Turkey, RMHCI

“I have taken the last course with this provider and enjoyed working through the material. I find an easy to work with and quick to answer any questions that come up!”  “Thank you for your quick responses and I enjoy working with both of you Susan and Matt. You have made this process very easy for me to get my Florida license.”  -Kellly Redmon, RCSWI

“I chose this course because it was flexible and had great ratings! It really was very good.” “I enjoyed the illustrations.” -Evelyn Calvino, RMHCI

“I was impressed with every part of the course.”  -Agaitha Durr, RCSWI

“This course was recommended by a colleague and I found it to be detailed and informative. I appreciated the added history throughout. It was all great knowledge to gain.”  -Cannot use name, RMHCI

“I had the pleasure of speaking directly with the McMillan family, and they were so understanding of my circumstances and worked with me on a personal level.”  -Angela Fusco, RMHCI